Cultural Heritage, SMEs Triumph as Aladepekun’s Socioeconomic Development Drive Heralds Odo-Egiri Kingdom’s Kilajolu Festival.

In the heart of Odo-Egiri Kingdom on Saturday, April 20, 2024, amidst the echoing beats of traditional drums and the vibrant colors of cultural regalia, reports that the Aladepekun of Odo-Egiri Kingdom, HRM Oba Musiliu Abiola Oliwo, exemplifies cultural heritage with communal prosperity for youths.

Led by the esteemed Aladepekun, Oshobia, and other custodians of heritage and champions of socioeconomic development, the festival exemplifies the indomitable spirit of Odo-Egiri. From showcasing age-old customs to empowering local entrepreneurs, the festival heralded a new era of cultural resurgence and economic growth.

Oshobia of Imakun-Omi kingdom, HRM Oba Kazeem Adeshina Salami

Speaking at the 2024 edition of the iconic Kilajolu festival, attended by esteemed royal fathers and dignitaries including the Alayandelu of Odo-Ayandelu, HRM Oba Babatunde Asumo and the Omola of Odomola, HRM Oba Sulaiman Adeshina Adebowale, HRM Oba Musiliu Oliwo extended profound gratitude to the sons and daughters of Odo-Egiri for their unwavering support and emphasized the importance of cultural preservation and community empowerment in ensuring the prosperity of the kingdom.

Kilajolu masquerade

With the revered presence of the Alade Uraka of Uraka kingdom, HRM Oba Ayodele Aliru, and the Adegbajo of Odo-Gbawojo, HRM Oba Adeniyi Adelani, the festival heralded the generous donation of 500,000 naira by the Oshobia of Imakun-Omi kingdom, HRM Oba Kazeem Adeshina Salami, in support of essential tools donated to twelve fortunate indigenous youths of the community, emphasizing the significance of empowering local artisans and entrepreneurs for sustainable economic growth.

“The beneficiaries are lucky to be selected and my intention is not to show off but to genuinely support the craft of the beneficiaries because many of them may not have shops to trade. What is the essence of the equipment presented to them without a shop? They may just be discouraged at the end of the day and drop the equipment somewhere. I am certain that this will go a long way toward inspiring their businesses for prosperity,” Oshobia stated.

Extending hearty congratulations to the Aladepekun and the people of Odo-Egiri kingdom, the Alayandelu of Odo-Ayandelu kingdom underscored the importance of upholding ancestral traditions and worship practices, emphasizing the integral role of traditional festivals in fostering community unity and spiritual well-being.

“Our ancestors are the most accommodating because if they were selfish, they would not apportion any piece of land to build any mosque or church. Before the arrival of Christianity and Islamic religion, these traditions were already in existence, and that’s why I discouraged any foreign religious leaders from preaching against the traditional religion in my domain. Whoever is not pleased should leave us,” he stated. He stated that on the 28th of this month, he will be hosting his fellow royal fathers in celebration of the Eluku festival.

Echoing this sentiment, the duo of HRM Oba Sulaiman Adeshina Adebowale and Oniladaba of Ladaba kingdom, HRM Oba Nureni Sikiru Odedina, emphasized the profound connection between traditional worship and societal prosperity, stressing the need for communities to embrace and preserve their cultural heritage for future generations.

“When Yoruba land was established, it was established with the Isese tradition and practice. Every Yoruba community has its own deities (Oshi) that are worshipped. Anyone who doesn’t practice it is making a mistake, as it is used to usher in good tidings. Many Yoruba towns have lost their roots. When a deity is not given its due, it might go on to penetrate a pregnant woman, who then delivers a baby that perpetrates evil deeds in society,” he stated.

As the festivities drew to a close, the resounding message of unity, tradition, and prosperity echoed through the hearts of attendees. The Kilajolu festival stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Odo-Egiri Kingdom, where tradition thrives and heritage is celebrated with pride.


Kaka Babatunde

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