FEDSA-LASU, EPWA Champions Health and Hygiene Advocacy in Oluwo Market, Epe.

In a remarkable initiative to support community development under the annual program “Epe Eleja Tutu Day,” kakalistiq.com the President of the Federation of Epe Division Students, Lagos State University (FEDSA LASU), Ambassador Aminat Taiwo, has revealed the association’s synergy with the Epe Professional Women Association (EPWA) to make a lasting impact on the health and personal hygiene of fish farmers and traders in Oluwo Market, Epe.

Ambassador Aminat Taiwo

She disclosed this in an interview, stating how her leadership has rallied stakeholders in the town to contribute to nation-building. She recalled that on January 13, 2024, the vibrant team from FEDSA LASU stormed Oluwo Market, one of Nigeria’s largest fish markets, to deliver a significant donation of free pads and diapers. The focus of the day, she said, extended beyond mere material contributions, as the initiative sought to educate and enlighten the hardworking women responsible for fishing and trading.

The joint effort, she said, was aimed at instilling awareness and understanding among women about the critical aspects of health, personal hygiene, and child development. She added that the initiative aimed to underscore the importance of health and hygiene, foster effective child development, and align with sustainable development goals on hygiene. Pregnant women and mothers of children between 0 and 6 months were beneficiaries of the diaper distribution, while young ladies received sanitary pads.

Emphasizing the role of education in shaping the future, Ambassador Taiwo Aminat urged mothers to equip and educate their children. The FEDSA-LASU president highlighted that the future of the fish business depended on the hands of today’s children, and a sound education would empower them to embrace technological innovations, rebrand the fish industry, and make a global impact.

“We also encouraged the mothers to please find means to get their children well-equipped and educated because our future belongs to their hands, and children with sound education will be exposed to technologies and innovations on how to rebrand the fish business, publicize it, and deliver it globally,” she said.

According to her, the success of the initiative was attributed to the collaborative efforts and support from the Epe Professional Women Association. Their attention, love, and support, she said, played a crucial role in ensuring the program’s success, showcasing the power of community partnerships in driving positive change.

FEDSA-LASU’s commitment to health advocacy and community development shines as a beacon of hope, leaving a lasting impact on the residents of Oluwo Market, Epe.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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