Idera Dee Ramadan Cup: Minister of Tourism Applauds Community Spirit as Recreation FC Clinches Victory

In a vibrant display of camaraderie and sportsmanship, reports that the Salako football pitch became the epicentre of unity on Sunday, April 14, 2024, as Epe’s football enthusiasts gathered for a thrilling match. Gracing the event was Nigeria’s Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Lola Ade-John, who lauded the Epe community for their warmth and hospitality, praising local stakeholders and leaders for their unwavering support.

Mrs Lola Ade-John

Addressing the spirited crowd, Minister Ade-John extolled the virtues of football as a unifying force, transcending boundaries and fostering solidarity among diverse communities. She emphasized the pivotal role of sporting events in promoting tourism, highlighting their potential to attract visitors and showcase Epe’s rich culture and hospitality to the world.

The Tourism Minister, Mrs. Lola Ade-John flanked by Bet9ja rep., Mr. Ahmed Tijani and DG, NIHTOUR.

“Football is not just a game, it is a unifying force that exceeds boundaries and brings people together from all walks of life, whether you are a player, a spectator, or a supporter, Football has the power to inspire, to unite, and to uplift. In Epe, you see the essence of community pride and resilience reflected on the football pitch. As we cheer the local teams, let us celebrate the dedication, and hard work of the players, coaches, and organizers who make events like this possible.

“But beyond the excitement of the game, there is a deeper significance to sports in tourism. Sporting events like this football match have the potential to attract visitors, boost local economies and showcase the unique culture and hospitality of Epe to the world. As we gather here today, let us remember the values that football teaches us: teamwork, perseverance, and sportsmanship.

“Let us use this opportunity to strengthen our bond, as a community to inspire our youths to pursue their dreams both on and off the field. “I would like to commend the organizers and the participants for this inspiring event. Together, let us continue to harness the power of the sport to drive positive change and to build a brighter future for our beloved community. Thank you, and let us continue with the game, God bless you and God bless Nigeria,” she said.

The tournament’s founder, Hon. Olusegun Agbaje, expressed pride in its evolution from humble beginnings to a prestigious sporting event, emphasizing its role in nurturing talent and promoting peace and harmony within the community. He highlighted the remarkable achievements of past participants, citing examples of players who have excelled both locally and internationally.

Coach Tunde Disu (OFR), Prince Segun Oshinaike (TG/PS Education District III), Hon. Adeola Jokomba (Lagos APC Secretary), Hon. Abiodun Tobun, and other dignitaries were commended for their contributions to the event’s success, with special recognition given to Hon. Kunle Soname (Bet9ja Chairman) as well as the groundbreaking collaboration with Epe LG Chairman.

Amidst cheers and applause for the organizers, Rep Wale Raji had the honour to present the trophy to the victorious Recreation FC, with Kingsley Denis of Noforija FC clinching the Top Goalscorer award and Ogundimu Jamiu earning the MVP title. Erepoto FC was honoured as the Most Disciplined Team, reflecting the tournament’s commitment to sportsmanship and fair play.

As medals were presented to the deserving winners, Dr Akeem Shittu (LASUBEB Chairman), Hon. Kehinde Adeniyi (Lagos APC Welfare Secretary), and Hon. Bode Alausa (Former Epe LGA Chairman) joined in the jubilant celebration, marking the end of another successful edition of the Epe Football Fiesta.



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