Lekki LCDA, NCF Champions Environmental Conservation, Empower Students on World Wetlands Day.

Kakalistiq.com reports that on February 6th, 2024, the Executive Management of Lekki LCDA, led by the Executive Chairman, Engr. Rasaki Bamidele Kasali (MNSE, MNATE), along with the Department of Education and Library Services, in collaboration with the Nigeria Conservation Foundation, organized a seminar for primary and secondary students in Lekki LCDA. The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of World Wetlands Day and underscore the importance of environmental conservation efforts.

Hon. Razak Bamidele Kasali

World Wetlands Day, celebrated globally on February 2nd each year, highlights the invaluable contributions of wetlands to the planet’s ecosystems. Hon. Tosin Oshunuga (SLG), representing the chairman, emphasized the vital role of wetlands in providing habitats for diverse species and their importance in flood protection, water quality improvement, and recreation.

The Supervisor for Education, Hon. Adekoya Akeem, reiterated the multifaceted benefits of wetlands, including their role in enhancing water quality, providing habitats for wildlife, and regulating surface water flow. Mrs. Adeoye Gbeminiyi, HOD of Environment, highlighted the dangers posed by activities such as refuse dumping, defecation, and deforestation of wetland ecosystems.

The seminar featured an interactive session facilitated by Mrs. Adedamola from the Nigeria Conservation Foundation, where participants learned about wetland ecosystems and their various types, including floodplain forests, fens, marshes, and mangroves. Students were encouraged to engage in wetland conservation efforts and were given a tour of nearby wetlands to observe firsthand their importance and potential as tourist destinations.

The seminar concluded with a call to action for students to actively participate in wetland preservation by monitoring their health, supporting restoration initiatives, minimizing pollution, and raising awareness about their ecological significance. Through education and community engagement, Lekki LCDA and NCF continue to lead the charge in environmental conservation, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.




Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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