NYCN Epe Branch Urges Authorities to Ensure Road Safety Measures in Epe and Environs.

In an emotional plea for enhanced road safety measures, reports that the leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) Epe branch has urged both state and local governments to take immediate action to safeguard motorists and pedestrians within the community and beyond.

Comrade Moibi Ibrahim

The call to action follows a series of incidents involving stolen manhole covers, orchestrated by unscrupulous individuals, resulting in severe injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians along the expansive roadways of the local government. Coordinator Comrade Moibi Ibrahim highlighted the urgency of preventive measures to avert further mishaps.

“I witnessed a distressing incident involving a Lagos State Civil Service staff member who, upon alighting from a bus, tragically fell into an open manhole, sustaining severe injuries and spilling fragile contents from his bag, including his phone,” Comrade Moibi recounted.

In response to the escalating risk, the NYCN Epe branch initiated a replacement endeavour, fabricating sizeable concrete slabs reinforced with iron rods to cover the exposed manholes. The production of ten slabs facilitated the coverage of manholes from the Epe Local Government secretariat stretch to Epe Maternity, prompting a call to action for authorities to rectify the stolen manhole covers expeditiously.

Comrade Moibi emphasized the imperative of governmental intervention to address the widespread issue across the expressway, underscoring the urgent need for proactive measures to prevent further accidents. He further admonished the government and Craneburg construction company to fulfil their responsibility in replacing stolen manholes across town walkways, stressing the potential effect on the safety of vulnerable road users.

In addition to addressing the manhole crisis, Comrade Moibi advocated for proactive measures to mitigate other road hazards, including the clearance of sand and silt obstructing critical access routes such as the Epe Bridge, Ibeju Bridge, and Eleko-Epe Expressway. He urged authorities to mount road signs at strategic locations and clear clogged drains to ensure unhindered traffic flow, particularly during heavy downpours.

“First, road signs must be mounted at the narrow bridge at Alaro City axis to notify unsuspecting travellers that they’re transiting from the wider 6-lane Eleko-Epe Expressway. If you look at the Alaro City axis of the expressway, where mining activities are prominent, the sand being transported has overtaken a larger part of the road, this must be cleared off. Additionally, the clogged drain on the Epe and Ibeju bridge, which causes stagnant water during heavy downpours, should be cleared. This will enhance the free flow of traffic and safety of life through prevention of accidents,” he said.

The passionate appeal from the NYCN Epe branch highlights the urgent need for collaborative efforts between government agencies and community stakeholders to prioritize road safety initiatives. The call serves as a critical reminder of the paramount importance of ensuring the well-being and security of all road users within the community.


Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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