Rep. Wale Raji Brings Hope to Imokun Community with Classroom Block

…Eredo LCDA witnesses emotional moment as the Member House of Representatives delivers on educational needs.

In a heartwarming event on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, reports that Imokun, one of the rapidly developing communities in Eredo LCDA, experienced a surge of emotion as the impactful strides of Representative Wale Raji reached the community.

Rep. Wale Raji

The inauguration of a block of three classrooms, though seemingly modest to some, carried immense significance for education stakeholders in Imokun. This development addressed the pressing issue of high student enrollment at UPE Primary School, driven by the population explosion in the area.

The commissioning marked a moment of relief for the school’s headteacher, PTA, and SBMC, who showered accolades on Rep. Wale Raji, the representative for Epe Federal Constituency. Expressing their gratitude, they acknowledged the importance of the new classrooms while also requesting additional support, including the construction of a LASUBEB prototype building and perimeter fencing for the school.

Representative Wale Raji, represented by his Senior Legislative Aide on Politics, Mr. Seriki Stephen Omobowale, responded to the call from community leaders, emphasizing his commitment to addressing the needs of the people. He urged the school management and community leaders to take ownership of the new facility, reiterating his dedication to the educational and overall development of Epe Federal Constituency.

Eredo LCDA Chairman, Hon. Monsuru Ismail, lauded the project on behalf of the community and commended Rep. Wale Raji for his outstanding contributions to the Epe Division. He encouraged the representative to continue his impactful work, emphasizing that good deeds bring more responsibilities. He also mentioned plans to repair the school’s dilapidated dining hall.

Hon. Wasiu Odeyemi (Wastab), one of the All Progressive Congress apex leaders in Eredo LCDA, a community, praised the initiative, recognizing its benefits not only for Imokun but also for neighboring communities. He stressed the importance of such projects in validating the electoral process and urged the community to safeguard the infrastructure from potential vandalism.

Mrs. Stella Dolapo Odufisan, another renowned apex political leader of the APC in the Eredo LCDA, disclosed that she conveyed concerns about overpopulation to the Member House of Representatives and disclosed the collaboration with community elders to secure the three-classroom offer. She also hinted at the Eredo LCDA Chairman’s plan to renovate the school dining room.

The Education Secretary of Epe LGEA, Otunba Shittu Aliu, popularly known as SAICO, applauded Rep. Wale Raji’s commitment to development and philanthropy. He urged the community to take ownership of the project and protect it from vandalism, emphasizing that the initiative is for the people.

Alhaja Olufowobi, PTA Chairman, expressed gratitude for Rep. Wale Raji’s commitment to addressing overpopulation issues and appreciated efforts towards improving the school’s dining facilities. Highlighting the security concerns, she emphasized the need for a fence, citing security reasons.

Mr. Akano, the UPE Headmaster, conveyed his deep appreciation on behalf of pupils and teachers, noting the challenging conditions they faced due to overcrowded classrooms. He thanked Rep. Wale Raji for the three new classrooms, which provided much-needed relief.

The event concluded with a sense of optimism, as Imokun community members pledged to uphold the newly inaugurated classrooms and actively participate in the ongoing development efforts.


Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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