Acting Provost Dr. Kosoko-Oyedeko Extends Gratitude and Festive Cheers to MOCPED Staff for Unwavering Support

In a heartfelt message, reports that Dr. Kosoko-Oyedeko G.A., the Acting Provost of Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (MOCPED), extends warm Christmas and New Year greetings to the college staff while expressing profound appreciation for their unwavering support during her tenure.

Dr. Ganiyat Kosoko-Oyedeko.

Since assuming the role of Acting Provost at the esteemed Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Noforija, Epe, Lagos State, Dr. Kosoko-Oyedeko has acknowledged the unparalleled show of love and accolades from the staff. Their unprecedented support, she said, has significantly contributed to the realization of the shared vision to elevate the college to new heights, aiming to be the best among its peers.

The Acting Provost, in a post shared via WhatsApp, highlights the immeasurable impact of the staff’s kindness and input, particularly during the crucial period of winding down academic activities. She attributes the milestone achieved in this short period to their understanding and support, emphasizing that without their cooperation, such progress might not have been possible.

Expressing gratitude akin to Oliver Twist, Dr. Kosoko-Oyedeko humbly acknowledges the need for continued support to weather future challenges and achieve even greater success. As the festive season approaches, the acting provost extends blessings and favors to all staff members, wishing them joy and prosperity today and in the years to come. While promising continued academic cooperation in the coming year, she assures the staff of her warm greetings at all times.

“In this season of gratitude, I am deeply touched by the overwhelming support from our dedicated staff. Their commitment has been instrumental in the strides we’ve made at MOCPED. As we approach the new year, I look forward to sustained collaboration for the betterment of our college,” she retorted.

Dr. Kosoko-Oyedeko’s sincere expressions of gratitude underscore the spirit of unity and collaboration at MOCPED. The college stands poised for continued excellence under his leadership, with the acting provost extending warm wishes to all staff for a joyous festive season and a promising year ahead.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde is a budding academic researcher and media enthusiast whose experience germinated in high school, attaining the Press Club presidency. As an iconic field reporter for 3 years, he is a writer, serial volunteer, and community cum youth development champion whose collaborative efforts have immensely contributed to nation-building in Epe LGA, Lagos, and Nigeria at large.

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