APC Leader Rallies Support for President Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu, Urges Party Faithful to Stay Resolute Amid Economic Hardship.

Kakalistiq.com reports that Alhaji Akanni Seriki Bamu, a prominent leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a respected apex figure within the party’s Epe Divisional hierarchy, has rallied political followers in the division and Nigeria for President Bola Tinubu and Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu amidst the prevailing economic challenges facing Nigeria.

President Bola Tinubu, GCFR.

In a recent address to constituents in Epe during the 5th edition of the distribution of cash palliatives to women held on Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, Alhaji Bamu, a Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) member in Lagos, reaffirmed his commitment to the welfare of the people despite not possessing the wealth of prominent figures in the country.

Alhaji Akanni Seriki Bamu

“I am doing this for up to fifty with 100,000 and 100 with 5000 naira based on my capacity. I am using this gesture to thank God, considering His grace in my life. Pray for President Tinubu, Governor Sanwo-Olu, and Nigeria; things are hard, and that’s why I have decided to do this even though I am not as rich as Dangote,” he emphasized, underscoring the significance of supporting one another during trying times.

Expressing gratitude for the support of President Bola Tinubu during an interview, Alhaji Bamu acknowledged the challenges encountered in his leadership journey and emphasized the importance of steadfastness in the face of adversity. “Hold on to the party, do not flinch, do not be deceived, as we will continue our meetings. I promise to serve you all,” he assured his followers.

Hon. Kehinde Adeniyi, APC State Welfare Secretary.

In addition to encouraging unwavering loyalty to the APC, Alhaji Bamu addressed concerns regarding youth involvement in violence and criminal activities. He appealed to mothers within the community to intervene and dissuade young individuals from engaging in destructive behaviour, emphasizing the need for unity and peace.

Alhaji Bamu highlighted efforts made by local leaders, such as the Epe Local Government Chairman, and praised their contributions towards community development. “Wale Raji and Tobun Abiodun are all making us proud, and they’re always supporting the party leadership,” he acknowledged, emphasizing the importance of collective action for progress.

Revealing to the all-female beneficiaries that he approaches his 85th birthday, Alhaji Bamu expressed disappointment over the lack of acknowledgement for his efforts in supporting job seekers within the community. He urged constituents to provide timely feedback on successes, pledging continued support for youth empowerment initiatives.

Alhaji Bamu reiterated his commitment to serving the people of Epe and urged party members to remain steadfast in their support for the APC. “Do not go anywhere or allow anybody to deceive you; stay with the party,” he urged, urging constituents to engage with party officials for their needs and avoid presenting fake credentials or endorsing incompetent job seekers.

The cash palliative distribution event culminated in a meeting with key political stakeholders, including Ward chairmen and party executives, within the Epe Local Government Area. During this gathering, the GAC leader reiterated the importance of unwavering loyalty and steadfast support for the APC, commending attendees for their dedication and resilience, which contributed to the party’s success at the polls. He reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to serving the people of Epe Division as their foremost political leader and a staunch advocate for the party’s principles and objectives.


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