Ejinrin Kingdom Embraces Spiritual Enlightenment at EYO 3rd Annual Ramadan Lecture

Kakalistiq.com reports that on Sunday, April 7th 2024, the Elejinrin of Ejinrin Kingdom, HRM Oba Rafiu Babatunde Balodun, Adetoyese Ejalonibu I, and other critical stakeholders emphasized the spiritual significance of the 3rd Ramadan lecture organized by the Ejinrin Youth Organization, led by Prince Ademola Adetola.

HRM Oba Babatunde Rafiu Balogun

In an interview, Oba Rafiu urged individuals to seek forgiveness and repent from sins, highlighting the importance of sincerity and collective support for national development.

“We must consistently seek repentance for our sins and earnestly request forgiveness, recognizing that we are all prone to wrongdoing. It’s crucial to approach this process with sincerity, extending it not only to ourselves but also to our nation’s leadership and fellow citizens. While the government requires our unwavering support, we must also acknowledge that it cannot shoulder the burden alone. By collectively rallying behind our president, state, and local governments, we contribute to the greater good. Ultimately, we entrust the outcomes to the divine providence of Almighty Allah,” he affirmed.

Echoing Oba Rafiu’s sentiments, Prince Ademola Adetola welcomed guests to the event, expressing optimism about the opportunity for spiritual growth and communal resilience in navigating Nigeria’s economic challenges.

In her address, Dr. Sidikat Akindele, Matron of the Organization and Epe Division Woman of the Year, urged mothers to take proactive roles in nurturing vibrant youths who will drive community prosperity. She emphasized the need for collective efforts to groom future leaders, citing the importance of mentorship and community service in shaping the next generation.

Dr. Sidikat Akindele,

“A child is born into a family, but it takes a community to raise them. Figures like Elejinrin and Chief Akintola served as exemplary role models during my upbringing. Now, as we witness the emergence of a new generation of Ejinrin youth, it’s essential to ponder who will succeed them in the future. We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past, where our ancestors departed and our community dwindled into obscurity. I implore all mothers to take an active role in nurturing vibrant youths who will uphold our legacy. Let us be vigilant, guiding our children, and fostering a supportive environment to ensure the continued prosperity of our beloved Ejinrin Kingdom,” she averred.

Ustadh Sualimon Dhikrulahi

The Ramadan lecture, themed “The Current State of the Nigerian Economy: How Do We Find Our Way To a Sustainable Future,” featured Ustazh Sulaimon Dhikrulahi Adeyemi, who outlined seven sustainable solutions for Muslims to overcome economic hardships. Ustazh Adeyemi emphasized the spiritual dimension of Nigeria’s challenges and advocated seeking forgiveness, patience, prayer, hard work, farming, partnerships, and charitable giving as pathways to prosperity.

Olori Mojisola Balogun, Olori Oba Elejinrin of Ejinrin Kingdom, commended the youth for their spiritual dedication during Ramadan and encouraged reliance on faith amidst national uncertainties.

In alignment with these sentiments, Hon. Tope Oduntan and Hon. Adebayo Abiodun, Secretary to the Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDA, emphasized the importance of hard work, unity, and love as essential virtues for community prosperity.

The event reflects the community’s commitment to spiritual enlightenment, communal harmony, and collective action towards a brighter future, embodying the resilience and hope of the Ejinrin Kingdom amidst societal challenges.


Kaka Babatunde

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