LASUBEB Chairman Urges Youths to Embrace Ramadan Teachings for National Prosperity reports that Dr. Hakeem Shittu, Chairman of Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB), has rallied Nigerian youths to embrace the teachings of Ramadan as a pathway to prosperity and national development. Speaking at the 3rd edition of the Ejinrin Youth Organization (EYO) Ramadan lecture themed “The Current State of the Nigerian Economy: How Do We Find Our Way to a Sustainable Future?” Dr. Shittu highlighted the significance of Ramadan in fostering spiritual growth and societal harmony.

Dr. Hakeem Shittu

In an interview, Dr. Shittu emphasized the importance of internalizing the lessons learned during Ramadan and applying them to lead virtuous lives. He urged the youth to shun social vices and uphold the values of Islam, echoing sentiments shared by the guest lecturer during the event.

“We have learned a lot of things during Ramadan. They should ensure that they inculcate the lessons and all the teachings of Ramadan and continue to live a better life. As the lecturer has said, let us shy away from all social vices that could affect our lives; let us ensure that we follow the ways of Allah and imbibe the teachings of Islam,” he said.

Expressing delight at the increasing spiritual engagement among young people, Dr. Shittu commended the community’s support for the youth-led initiative, highlighting it as a testament to generational succession. He extended gratitude to the Elejinrin of Ejinrin kingdom and the Chief Imam of Ejinrin for their unwavering support, emphasizing the community’s collective responsibility in fostering love and unity.

Reflecting on the town’s potential for growth and development, Dr Shittu urged all stakeholders to prioritize communal advancement. Drawing from personal experience against the backdrop of the lecture, he stressed the importance of formal agreements in business and personal relationships, cautioning against trust-based transactions without proper documentation.

“The error that I made, which was pointed out to me by my other Muslim brothers, was the fact that I could not present any form of agreement to back up my claims. I thought things would be fine because we were in the same Muslim organization. He went behind me to swear an affidavit that I had agreed to relinquish payments to him. He’s making money on the business, and I have made nothing. So, an agreement is important in business and personal relationships,” he emphasized.

In a call to action, Dr. Shittu urged the sons and daughters of Ejinrin to actively contribute to the town’s progress, emphasizing the need for sustained commitment beyond occasional visits. He highlighted Ejinrin’s historical significance as Nigeria’s economic hub, citing landmarks such as the First Post Office in Nigeria and its maritime heritage as indicators of its potential.

As the event concluded, attendees left with renewed vigour to apply the teachings of Ramadan in their daily lives, fostering a spirit of unity and progress within the community. Dr. Shittu’s message resonated as a call for collective action towards a prosperous and harmonious society, grounded in the values of faith, diligence, and communal responsibility.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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