Epe Boys Safe Space Launch: A New Era of Empowerment for Young Leaders.

Kakalistiq.com reports that the future holds great promise for transforming the boy child in Epe Local Government, Lagos State, thanks to the Epe Boys Safe Space launch. This new hub, designed for mentees to interact with mentors of proven integrity and admirable leadership, is an initiative of the Lagos Youth Parliamentarian representing Epe Constituency I and several sponsors.

Hon. Mahruf Odunare

Held on Saturday, May 18, 2024, the program received positive feedback from participants. They highlighted the valuable lessons learned, which are expected to reshape the boys’ attitudes towards their female counterparts, fostering respect, protection, and abstention from social vices.

Mr. Owolabi Jamiu Falani displaying his award.

Prince Segun Osinaike, the TG/PS of Education District IV, expressed his excitement in an interview, describing the event as “a right step in the right direction” that aligns with Mr. Governor’s THEMES+ agenda. Osinaike emphasized that social inclusion and gender equality are crucial for youth development. “This event shows the boys their great potential and responsibilities,” he noted.

Prince Segun Osinaike, TG/PS, Education District IV. 

Osinaike commended the organizers, highlighting that such initiatives encourage boys to avoid social vices like drug abuse, cultism, and alcoholism through proper planning, programs, and policies. “These talents can be exhibited, and they become great people who will influence Epe, Lagos, the nation, and the international scene. I hope this will be organized routinely rather than a one-off thing,” he added. He urged that the program be expanded to all areas of the Epe community, benefiting all boys and enriching society with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

L-R: Hon. Toyin Gbadamosi and Mr OJ Falana.

Hon. Toyin Gbadamosi, the APC LGA Chairman of Epe Local Government, attributed the success of the program to the supportive environment created by the government. He expressed excitement about the program’s potential to scout future leaders for governance. “The beauty of the program is that we are bringing them on board to build them for a better society,” he remarked.

Hon. Mahruf Odunare and Hon. Toyin Gbadamosi.

Gbadamosi emphasized the party’s commitment to providing young people with leadership opportunities, recognizing that the future leadership baton will be passed to them. He advised the youths to stay focused and exhibit responsible traits to seize political opportunities.

Mahruf Odunare Olumuyiwa, the mastermind behind the project, remarked that the neglect of boys in the community inspired the initiative. He criticized the global silence on the International Day of the Boy Child compared to the focus on girls. “The continuous neglect of the boy child is evident, and if we do not do anything as young people, these boys will grow up as bad eggs in our community, forgetting that men play major roles in our communities,” he said.

Olumuyiwa added that boys are expected to behave like macho men, ignoring their emotions, which is why advocating for the boy child is essential. He highlighted the challenges of sponsorship and finances, noting the team’s surprise at the lack of community support. Despite this, they saw it as an opportunity to selflessly support the boys’ growth and development. He assured that advocacy for the girl child would also continue.

Mr. Yusuf Kassim

The event featured inspiring lectures from Mr. Kassim Yusuf (Leecrown), who provided practical insights that resonated with the attendees. The climax came when Spoken Word Artist Wariz, popularly known as Prolific Pen, captivated the audience with an intriguing oratory and poetic performance aligned with the event’s theme.

In addition to honouring dignitaries, the event saw the launch of the Epe Boys Safe Space and the presentation of certificates to all participants, marking a significant step forward in empowering Epe’s youth.



Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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