Epe Club Urges Lagos State Government to Implement Eco-Friendly Policies Amidst Development Surge

The Epe Club, a prominent association in the Epe Division, convened on Saturday, December 9, 2023, bringing together elected and appointed federal and state officials from Epe. The gathering, held at the Club House, T-Junction, Epe, served as a platform for brainstorming on the future trajectory of the division amidst the rapid pace of development.

Hon. Engr. Adebola Shabi

Hon. Engr. Adebola Shabi, the President of the club, commenced the interactive session by congratulating government functionaries on their election or appointment. He highlighted the event’s purpose—to celebrate and engage in collaborative discussions to steer developmental efforts in the best interest of Epe Division and its residents.

Addressing the attendees, Hon. Shabi urged collective efforts to support the Epe Club’s initiatives for the overall growth of ancestral villages and towns. He emphasized the club’s historical role as a catalyst for positive change, urging stakeholders to actively contribute to community projects from conception to delivery.

During the interactive session, stakeholders deliberated on the crucial socio-economic challenges facing Epe Division. Discussions covered health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, food security, environmental sustainability, climate change, tourism, transportation, social inclusion, trade, industry, commerce, and security.

Hon. Abiodun Mustain Tobun, the representative of Epe Constituency I in the Lagos State House of Assembly, emphasized the need for unity among the community for effective development. He urged governments to prioritize local communities when implementing projects, considering their impacts on people and the environment.

Engr. Shabi, sharing insights from the interactive session, highlighted concerns about the impending development in the Epe Division, particularly with the establishment of the Dangote Refinery. He emphasized the importance of proper environmental planning to prevent adverse consequences similar to those faced by the Niger Delta region.

“We want a proper environmental policy to be put in place to ensure our environment is properly protected for future generations. We also said we don’t want estates. We want industries and agricultural development to create job opportunities for our sons and daughters,” stated Engr. Shabi.

Dr. Olayiwole Onasanya, the Chairman of the Planning Committee, emphasized the focus on aligning ongoing developments in Epe Division with Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu’s T.H.E.M.E.S. agenda and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s 8-point agenda.

The collective plea from the Epe Club underscores the call for the Lagos State Government to implement eco-friendly policies to safeguard the environment and promote sustainable development in the Epe Division.



Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde is a budding academic researcher and media enthusiast whose experience germinated in high school, attaining the Press Club presidency. As an iconic field reporter for 3 years, he is a writer, serial volunteer, and community cum youth development champion whose collaborative efforts have immensely contributed to nation-building in Epe LGA, Lagos, and Nigeria at large.

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