Historic Leadership Shift: Epe Grammar School Alumni Elects First Female President, Fostering Gender Inclusivity and Unity.

On a momentous occasion marked by the spirit of sportsmanship and unity, kakalistiq.com reports that the Epe Grammar School Old Students Association (EGOSA) witnessed a historic leadership change as the alumni elected new executives of the association. The event, held on Saturday, March 9th, 2024, not only symbolized growth and progress for the association but also marked a significant step towards gender inclusivity in leadership.

Amidst the presence of various sets of students, the election culminated in the emergence of Alhaja Olushola Alade-Raji as the first female president in the school’s history. In a free and fair election characterized by love and camaraderie among old students, Alhaja Alade-Raji secured victory with 184 votes, while her co-contestant, Barrister Kazeem Adewale, polled 107 votes.

Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support from old student members, Alhaja Alade-Raji emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration for the progress and development of the association. She extended a hand of fellowship to her rival, stressing the need for a united front to uphold the developmental ideals of the school’s founding fathers.

“As the newly elected president, I am committed to serving my fellow alumni and advancing the ideals of our esteemed institution,” Alhaja Alade-Raji stated. “Together, we will work towards meaningful progress and development, leveraging the diverse talents and experiences of our members.”

In a society where women are often underrepresented in governance and leadership positions, Alhaja Alade-Raji’s victory serves as a beacon of hope for gender balance and equality. Her election underscores the continuous call for opportunities for women to serve and contribute meaningfully to the development of society.

The newly elected executives, comprising a diverse mix of male and female members, reflect the association’s commitment to inclusivity and representation. With an array of meaningful agendas aimed at elevating the association to greater heights, Alhaja Alade-Raji and her team are poised to lead with dedication and purpose.

As the association embarks on a new chapter under the leadership of its first female president, it is imperative to acknowledge the free and fair atmosphere of the election, which was instrumental to the success of the event. The spirit of sportsmanship exhibited by the winner and contestants alike further highlights the collective commitment to the advancement and unity of Epe Grammar School’s old student community.

This historic development celebrates not only the triumph of a capable leader but also the triumph of gender balance, inclusivity, and the enduring spirit of sportsmanship that continues to define the legacy of Epe Grammar School. With the dawn of this new era, the world looks forward to witnessing the association’s continued growth and prosperity under the leadership of Alhaja Olushola Alade-Raji.


Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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