Respected Epe GH HMIS Head, Mrs. Margaret Oludipe, Bids Farewell to Public Service After 33 Years of Dedication.

In a colourful ceremony filled with accolades and well-wishes, reports that Mrs Margaret Adenike Oludipe, the Head of the Department for Health Management Information System (HMIS), marked her retirement from the Lagos State Civil Service. With an impressive 33-year career that exemplified dedication and service, Mrs Oludipe bid farewell to her esteemed colleagues at the General Hospital, Epe, on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, reaching the statutory retirement age.

Mrs Margaret Oludipe

The event, graced by esteemed dignitaries including the Chairman of the Health Service Commission, Dr Atinuke Onayiga, and the Medical Director of General Hospital, Epe, Dr Oluseyi Adesola, celebrated Mrs. Oludipe’s outstanding contributions to healthcare administration.

Dr. Atinuke Onayiga

Dr. Atinuke Onayiga, Chairman of the Lagos State Health Service Commission, lauded Mrs. Oludipe as a paragon of excellence and reliability, remarking on her unwavering commitment to service. “This woman is very hardworking, she is never tired of making sure she gets the work done,” Dr. Onayiga praised, expressing her well wishes for Mrs. Oludipe’s retirement. However, she admonished health workers in active service to emulate the enviable work ethics of the retiree, adding that hard work is their gateway to socioeconomic prosperity at retirement.

Dr. Oluseyi Adesola

Echoing Dr. Onayiga’s sentiments, Dr. Oluseyi Adesola extolled Mrs. Oludipe’s virtues as a dedicated and selfless staff member in the workplace and at home. “Mrs. Oludipe has been a very wonderful staff, she is a staff that none of her colleagues has regretted working with,” Dr. Adesola affirmed, emphasizing her reliability and passion.

Dr. Rafiu Aromire

Dr. Rafiu Aromire, Chairman of the Day, commended Mrs Oludipe’s resilience and hard work, expressing his gratitude for her enduring dedication to her duties, especially for her bravery in supporting the setting up of Akodo General Hospital, Lagos. “When I reflected on our working relationship, I felt the need to be here,” Dr. Aromire shared, highlighting the profound impact of Mrs. Oludipe’s service.

Among the attendees were distinguished figures who also attested to her remarkable brilliance, bravery and resilience. They include Hon. Wasiu Odeyemi (WASTAB), a former Commissioner of the Lagos State Civil Service Commission, Hon. Bola Gbabijo, a former Member of the House of Representatives, and Chief Mrs. Iyabo Osifeso, the Erelu Oba of Epe land, who praised Mrs. Oludipe’s contributions to healthcare delivery and humanity in Epe.

Responding to the overwhelming support and solidarity, Mrs Oludipe expressed heartfelt gratitude to everyone who celebrated her milestone moment and offered prayers for their safe journeys home. Born on April 24, 1964, into the esteemed family of Kareem Adeniyi Shita in Odo-egiri, Epe, Eredo LCDA, Mrs Oludipe’s journey of service and leadership began with humble roots and blossomed into a legacy of excellence and dedication.

Educated at Ansarudeen Primary School in Odo-egiri and Okemagba High School in Eredo LCDA, Mrs. Oludipe pursued higher education at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), graduating with a degree in Health Records Management and Biostatistics, laying the foundation for her distinguished healthcare career.

Mrs Oludipe commenced her professional journey with the Lagos State Hospital Management Board in 1991, serving diligently at General Hospital Epe before assuming leadership roles at General Hospital Ibeju-lekki and returning to General Hospital Epe in 2009, where she served as the Head of the Department of Health Information Management, leaving an indelible mark on the institution.

With her retirement, Mrs. Oludipe leaves a legacy of service, dedication, and excellence, inspiring future generations of healthcare professionals to uphold the highest standards of care and compassion.


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