Harmonious Heritage: Lagos Leaders Commemorate King Kosoko’s Remembrance 152 Years On.

In a heartwarming gathering marking the 152nd remembrance of the esteemed King Kosoko of Lagos, kakalistiq.com reports that revered traditional and Islamic leaders alongside dignitaries from across Lagos convened to honour his legacy, underscoring the significance of unity, education, and cultural preservation.

The Balogun of the Epe Kingdom, representing the Olu-Epe of the Epe Kingdom, expressed the significance of commemorating King Kosoko’s legacy 152 years later. “Preserving our culture is paramount, and remembering King Kosoko is a testament to our commitment to our heritage,” he remarked. Extending heartfelt congratulations to the Kosoko family, he urged them to continue building and enhancing the enduring legacy of King Kosoko for future generations.

High Chief Kadri Odedeogboro, the Balogun of Epe Kingdom flanked by other Olu-Epe-in-Council Chiefs.

Echoing this sentiment, the Onito-Omu of Ito-Omu, HRM Oba Taiwo Gbadamosi, praised the strong bond and mutual respect between his kingdom and the Kosoko family. “Our relationship with the Kosoko family is exceptional, and we stand together in unity,” he affirmed, commending the leadership acumen of the Oloja of Lagos, Prince Abiola Kosoko.

HRM Oba Taiwo Gbadamosi

Similarly, the Oba-Elect of Oriba, Yusuf Olanrewaju, emphasized the educational significance of cultural preservation and acknowledged the importance of King Kosoko’s remembrance in fostering unity and a sense of belonging. “This event fosters unity, belonging, and love,” he declared, lauding the jovial and accommodating nature of the Oloja of Lagos.

Prince Abiola Olojo-Kosoko and Alhaji Yusuf Olanrewaju

During his address, the Grand Chief Imam of Lagos, Sheikh Suleiman Abu-Nolla, lauded the family for organizing the remembrance, describing it as a remarkable and welcome development. He highlighted the critical role of the Kosoko family in the propagation of Islam in Lagos since the 17th century, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and education for future generations.

Sheikh Suleiman Abu-Nolla

Speaking further, he disclosed that the Kosoko Royal family worked hard to spread Islam, especially King Kosoko, who started Islam in Epe. He mentioned that the name “Epe Oni Qurani” came from King Kosoko’s efforts, and the first Chief Imam of Lagos, Saliu Onirakunmi, also helped after coming to Epe with the King. He highlighted the respect given to the Eko community by places like Epe, Ikorodu, Badagry, and Ikeja because they immensely benefited from the spread of Islam through King Kosoko.

Reflecting on the event’s takeaway, he stressed the importance of empowering youth through education and moral guidance, echoing King Kosoko’s achievements as a model for future leaders. “Our children need guidance and education to become future leaders,” he emphasized, praying for the growth and prosperity of the state and the Kosoko family.

Furthermore, Comrade Giwa Murtala Moore, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Lagos State on Tertiary Education and President of the Eko Epe Youth Forum, underscored the educational imperatives of the King Kosoko Museum for the youth of Epe, Lagos State. He emphasized the museum’s role in preserving historical knowledge and cultural heritage for future generations, pledging to explore its educational offerings for the benefit of the community.

The commemoration of King Kosoko’s legacy serves as a reminder of the importance of unity, education, and cultural preservation in fostering harmony and prosperity for all. Leaders and dignitaries reiterated their commitment to upholding these values and ensuring the enduring legacy of King Kosoko for generations to come.


Kaka Babatunde

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