Epe Kayokayo 2023 Triumphs as Global Food Heritage Tourism Festival Unites Diaspora Nigerians.

The week-long global cultural festival, Epe Kayokayo 2023, has left an indelible mark in history as it captivated hearts worldwide, drawing praises from Diaspora Nigerians who proclaimed it the best festival they have ever witnessed. The event, which commemorates the landing of King Kosoko’s voyage with over 1500 followers in 1851, was a true celebration of food heritage and cultural diversity.

                      Alhaji Sule Malaika

In an exclusive interview with Kakalistiq.com, three indigenous Nigerians from Epe who traveled back home for the festival shared their overwhelming delight and praised the phenomenal success of Epe Kayokayo 2023. They emphasized the abundance of fun, entertainment, and the massive global crowd that flocked to Epe for the occasion.

The “Epo” masquerade, popular with children on display during the carnival procession.

The success of the festival was attributed to the unflinching support of HRM Oba Dr. Shefiu Adewale, the Olu Epe of Epe kingdom while also stressing the efficient coordination exemplified by the leadership of the planning committee, led by Otunba TJ Abass, the Aremo of Epe Kingdom. The cooperation of the good people of Epe as well as the strategic management of financial donations from generous donors was also said to have played a crucial role in ensuring the festival’s grandeur.

Among those Nigerians in Diaspora interviewed by Kakalistiq.com were Prince Abimbola Kassim, Alhaja Muinat, and Alhaji Ahmed Osiefa, who expressed their heartfelt satisfaction at the festival’s outstanding success. In their words:

Alhaja Olushola Alade-Raji flanked by a trio of the Diasporans.

“Epe Kayokayo 2023 exceeded all my expectations. It has become global with virtual participation, heritage tours, and musical performances from an international fuji musician like Malaika. The richness of our culture, the energy of the crowd, and the seamless organization made it the best festival I have ever been a part of. This event truly showcases the essence of our heritage” – Prince Abimbola Kassim.

“As a Diaspora Nigerian, returning home for Epe Kayokayo 2023 was a heartwarming experience. The unity and camaraderie among attendees were exceptional. Kudos to the organizers for preserving our culture in such a grand and unforgettable manner.”- Alhaja Muinat.

Alhaja Muinat spraying ‘epo’ masquerade some money at ‘etufu’

“I’ve attended various festivals in Nigeria, but Epe Kayokayo 2023 stands out as the epitome of cultural celebration. The vibrant colors, the rhythm of the music, and the joyous atmosphere created an atmosphere of unity that transcends borders.” – Alhaji Ahmed Osiefa.

Alhaji Ahmed Osiefa, the Kayokayo 2022 Chairman.

The highlight of the festival was the vibrant Fanti carnival procession that beautified the town landscape, a mesmerizing and colorful carnival dance competition at the King Kosoko Embarkment Center that pitted wards in the community against each other in a display of cultural richness and unity.

The festival reached its climax with a captivating musical performance from the renowned international fuji star artist, Alhaji Alao Sule Malaika. His thrilling tunes and electrifying stage presence left the audience in awe, making it a memorable experience for everyone present.

                          Prince Abioye Kassim

The success of Epe Kayokayo 2023 has set a high bar for future editions, leaving attendees and participants eagerly awaiting what promises to be an even grander and more unforgettable festival in the years to come. It has proven that the spirit of Nigeria’s heritage is alive and thriving, connecting people from all corners of the globe in a shared celebration of culture and tradition.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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