Onibon Urges Nigerians Towards Prosperity Through Change as the Taibat Garbadeen Foundation Hosts 5th Ramadan Lecture/Iftar Session.

In a compelling call to action, Kakalistiq.com reports that the Pioneer Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Lagos State University of Education (LSUED), Associate Professor Nosiru Onibon, has urged Nigerians to embrace conscious change for a prosperous nation. Speaking at the Taibat Garbadeen FoodBank Foundation’s 5th Annual Ramadan Lecture/Iftar series in Epe on Saturday, March 31st, 2024, Prof. Onibon emphasized the need for a collective shift in attitudes towards giving and philanthropy.

Ass. Prof. Nosiru Onibon

The erudite scholar drew lessons from Quran Chapter 2, verse 177, advocating for Muslims and Nigerians to champion change by prioritizing acts of charity and kindness towards others. Addressing a diverse audience that included former Lagos State Civil Service Commission Commissioner, Duke Olabode Garbadeen, Dr. Muse from LASUED, Alhaji Muhideen Folorunsho Balogun, and other community members, Prof. Onibon underscored the importance of generosity as a fundamental value in society.

He lamented the prevailing culture of selfishness and emphasized the need for a paradigm shift towards a more giving-oriented mindset. Prof. Onibon questioned the efficacy of government-led poverty alleviation programs, pointing out the persistent challenges faced by ordinary citizens despite decades of such initiatives. He urged for a shift towards institutionalized charity rather than mere palliative measures. Addressing the ‘japa’ syndrome, he said:

“Since our government is not making life easy for people, they had to go. The government should make adequate provisions for people to earn a decent living through good wages. Those who have ‘japa’ are prospering irrespective of the dirty jobs they do abroad compared to their counterparts back home.”

Touching on economic stability, he highlighted the alarming lack of price stability for basic commodities over the years, causing undue hardship for the populace. The professor also addressed concerns about insecurity, recalling a time when social gatherings were safer and job opportunities were more abundant.

Urging government prioritization of essential services like water supply and electricity, Prof. Onibon called for a renewed focus on public service and institutionalized charity. He cautioned against the trend of business owners abandoning private enterprises for government positions, which he deemed counterproductive to economic growth.

In a reflective moment, Prof. Onibon reminded attendees of the core values that underpin good leadership and called for a collective effort towards creating a more equitable and prosperous society. His message resonated deeply with the audience, sparking conversations about societal change and individual responsibility.

The event also featured remarks from Duke Olabode Garbadeen, who expressed his determination to continue the philanthropic legacy of his late mother. Attendees who got food packs also participated in prayers for the deceased and shared nostalgic memories of a time when Nigeria faced fewer socioeconomic and security challenges.

As Nigerians reflect on Prof. Onibon’s impassioned plea for change, the call for a more giving-oriented society echoes as a glimmer of hope towards a brighter future for all.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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