Tobi Onabokun Initiative (TOI) Empowers Hundreds in Eredo LCDA, Continues Father’s Legacy of Benevolence. reports that the spirit of generosity and community upliftment echoed through the ancient town of Ibonwon in Eredo LCDA on Saturday, March 30, 2024, as Engr. Tobi Onabokun, son of the esteemed former Lagos State Commissioner for Works and Housing, Hon. Dele Onabokun, orchestrated the Tobi Onabokun Initiative (TOI). The event, which took place at the illustrious Hon. Dele Onabokun’s residence, witnessed the distribution of cash and food items to over two hundred people, symbolizing a continuation of his father’s cherished legacies.

Engr. Tobi Onabokun

Amidst a challenging socio-economic climate in the country, the TOI initiative garnered praise and commendation from various stakeholders, including APC stalwarts and community leaders. Hon. Shakiru Adebanjo (Johnbull), a former lawmaker representing Epe Constituency II at the Lagos State House of Assembly and Sole Administrator of Eredo LCDA, lauded the initiative as a testament to the enduring impact of Hon. Dele Onabokun’s leadership.

During the event, Mrs. Adedolapo Oladunjoye, an APC chieftain, praised Tobi Onabokun’s initiative as timely and commendable, noting its significance during challenging times. She encouraged the community to support Tobi Onabokun’s efforts whenever needed. Alhaja Folake Onabokun also lauded Tobi’s reliability, trustworthiness, and ability to effectively represent the people’s voice, expressing confidence in his potential to serve as a good ambassador if given the opportunity.

Speaking passionately about the initiative, Engr. Tobi Onabokun emphasized the core values driving TOI. He articulated, “It all began with a spark of inspiration, a vision to empower Nigeria’s youth. Driven by love and passion for community, the Tobi Onabokun Initiative (TOI) emerged, guided by our leader, Tobi Onabokun.”

“Tobi’s achievements and vision are the heartbeat of our initiative. With a deep commitment to unlocking individual potential and transforming lives, he brings hope and new energy to Nigerian youth. Through education, healthcare, mentorship, and community engagement, TOI aims to empower the next generation,” he stated.

The distribution of cash and food items during the event marked the initial phase of TOI’s mission, with a broader vision to support youth education and empowerment. Engr. Tobi Onabokun emphasized the importance of an “education first” approach, urging young people to take their education seriously for a brighter future.

The event drew heartfelt appreciation from beneficiaries, particularly Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (MOCPED) students, led by Student Union President Comrade Habeeb, who expressed gratitude for the thoughtful gesture during challenging times. Hon. Lateef Adesanya, Vice Chairman of the LCDA, praised the Onabokun family’s commitment to community service, echoing the sentiments of Engr. Tobi Onabokun’s emulation of his father’s exemplary leadership.

The overwhelming support and positive impact of the Tobi Onabokun Initiative (TOI) serve as a beacon of hope and solidarity in Eredo LCDA, reflecting the enduring legacy of compassion and generosity that defines the Onabokun family.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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