Lagos Education Chief Calls for Collaboration to Safeguard Schools, Slams Vandalism. reports that Dr. Hakeem Shittu, Chairman of the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), emphasized the critical role of collaboration between different levels of government in advancing primary education. He disclosed this during an interview on the sidelines of Rep. Wale Raji’s groundbreaking of a block of 12 classrooms in Owu-Ikosi, Ikosi Ejinrin LCDA, Epe, on Monday, February 26th, 2024. He also condemned the vandalization of educational infrastructure, stressing the need for collective responsibility in protecting school facilities.

Dr. Hakeem Shittu, LASUBEB Chairman.

Dr. Shittu underscored the importance of basic education as the foundation of all learning, highlighting the significance of cooperation between local and state governments. He commended the efforts of Governor Babajide Sanwoolu in providing essential amenities and infrastructure to enhance the quality of basic education in Lagos State. Furthermore, Dr. Shittu acknowledged the contributions of local governments towards this shared goal, emphasizing the importance of collaboration for the advancement of education across the state.

“Here in Lagos, Governor Babajide Sanwoolu has been doing a lot in providing so many amenities in terms of infrastructure and other necessary facilities to ensure that we have a very qualitative basic education. By extension, the local government, in their own right, is doing a lot, and their presence here today is a reflection of what we are doing to ensure that we collaborate to ensure the entrenchment of basic and qualitative education in the state,” he said.

Expressing concern over the rampant vandalization of school facilities, Dr. Shittu lamented the wastage of resources invested in building and maintaining these structures. He called on the public, particularly parents, to take ownership of school facilities and ensure their protection. Dr. Shittu emphasized that everyone has a role to play in safeguarding educational infrastructure, urging vigilance and proactive measures to prevent vandalism.

Highlighting the government’s investment in providing quality facilities for students, Dr. Shittu urged community leaders to appreciate and cherish these resources. He emphasized the need for collective action to preserve educational infrastructure for the benefit of present and future generations.

“Most of the time, after spending so much to build facilities, we discover that they are vandalized, and it is something that is worrisome. Whatever infrastructure we provide is for the use of the masses. Once the government has built them, they should take ownership. Everybody is the government, in our schools, we have SBMCs and the rest.

“Again, I want to use this opportunity to advise our parents to ensure that our facilities and schools are protected. A situation where we build facilities and they are vandalized, fans are removed, and cables are removed—I mean, it is not too good. The government is spending a lot to provide these facilities, and once they are provided, they should ensure that they guide them jealously and make sure that nobody vandalizes them,” he said.


Dr. Hakeem Shittu reiterated the importance of collaboration and community engagement in promoting access to quality education. He called on all stakeholders to work together to create a conducive learning environment and combat the menace of vandalism, emphasizing the government’s commitment to providing equitable and sustainable educational opportunities for all.

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