MCCTI: Akogun Wale Raji Anomo Affirms Commitment to Governance Amidst Monthly Welfare Initiative reports that Akogun Wale Raji Anomo of Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDA has reaffirmed his administration’s unwavering focus on governance amidst the ongoing Monthly Conditional Cash Transfer Initiative (MCCTI).

Akogun Wale Raji Anomo

In response to the third edition of the MCCTI held on Monday, April 22, 2024, which aims to provide relief to 3,000 households in the LCDA, Akogun Anomo emphasized the importance of prioritizing people-centric endeavours, especially in the face of economic challenges. “It is crucial to utilize government funds judiciously for life-saving initiatives,” he stated, highlighting the administration’s commitment to improving lives and alleviating economic burdens.

“I am proud to reaffirm our administration’s unwavering dedication to governance that prioritizes the welfare of our people above all else. The Monthly Conditional Cash Transfer Initiative (MCCTI) stands as a testament to this commitment, providing vital support to 3,000 households in Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDA,” stated Chairman Akogun Wale Raji Anomo.

“This initiative, launched in February 2024, underscores our determination to alleviate economic challenges and improve the lives of our citizens. In the face of national economic hardships, we must utilize government funds for initiatives that directly impact the lives of our people,” he continued.

The distribution of N10,000 to 200 beneficiaries from diverse community segments reflects our inclusive approach to governance. From religious bodies to market associations, CDAs/CDCs, and artisans, we have ensured that assistance reaches those in need across our community,” Chairman Anomo emphasized.

“With over 600 households benefiting from this program so far, we have seen firsthand the positive impact it has had on our community. This initiative is just one example of our administration’s commitment to the well-being of our residents,” he concluded.

Under the leadership of Chairman Akogun Wale Raji Anomo, Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDA continues to thrive through proactive governance and initiatives that directly benefit the people, contributing significantly to the building of our nation’s foundation from the grassroots up.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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