Radiant Convergence of Culture, Beauty, and Intellect Heralds the Ascension of Barrister Mariam Anifowoshe as Yeye Mofin of Ilara Kingdom. 

In a luminous spectacle of tradition and modernity, Kakalistiq.com reports that the Ilara Kingdom, Epe, witnessed the conferment of an honorary chieftaincy title on Barrister Mariam Anifowoshe, a distinguished legal luminary and illustrious daughter of Epe.

HRM Oba Dr. Olukayode Olufolarin Ogunsanwo

The event, hosted on Saturday, December 16th, 2023, at the exquisite royal chambers of the Alara of Ilara kingdom by Oba Dr. Olukayode Olufolarin Ogunsanwo, Telade IV, marked a joyous reunion of friends, associates, and family members, illuminating the royal edifice with celebrations.

Prominent figures, including Alade Uraka of Poka, Onito-Omu of Ito-Omu, Elemuren of Emuren, Otunba TJ Abass, legal luminary Pastor Olalekan Ojo (SAN), Hon. Wale Raji Anomo, and other distinguished guests, graced the occasion with their honorable presence.

The Alara, in his address, extolled Barrister Mariam’s exceptional qualities, career excellence, and commitment to development, emphasizing her significance in flying the exemplary flag of Epe Division and Lagos State.

“I am thrilled about today’s conferment, a ceremony that could have taken place several months ago, but divine timing has deemed today the right day. During the celebration of her golden jubilee with family, friends, and associates, I communicated the decision to honor her and patiently awaited a suitable date, recognizing that God’s will is unquestionable.

“We deemed it fitting to bestow upon her the esteemed title of Yeyemofin due to her admirable qualities, career excellence, and dedication to development. She proudly represents the exemplary values of Epe Division and Lagos State, showcasing leadership skills from a young age. As a former Miss Epe Division, her alluring beauty and unwavering commitment to education, holding both a Master’s in Business Administration and pursuing law, are truly remarkable. Without a doubt, she is deserving of this title.

“I want to emphasize that in the Ilara Kingdom, we reserve such honors for individuals of exceptional merit. Numerous deserving personalities are awaiting similar recognition, not only for the benefit of Ilara Kingdom but also for the broader Epe Division and Lagos State. Barrister Mariam Anifowoshe is unquestionably worthy of this prestigious honor,” stated Alara.

The newly installed Yeye Mofin of Ilara Chief, Barr. Mariam Anifowoshe, averred that His Royal Majesty, Oba Olukayode Olufolarin Ogunsanwo, the Alara of Ilara Kingdom, Telade II, has proven to be an exemplary monarch within the Epe Division. She stressed that Alaiyeluwa possesses a visionary leadership style, demonstrating a keen understanding of critical moments and a profound intellectual grasp of matters within his domain.

Yeye Mofin of Ilara Chief, Barr. Mariam Anifowoshe

“Being a part of this kingdom holds great significance for me. I have full confidence that his reign will be marked by success, and I pray for God’s grace and blessings upon him and his family. This bestowed title serves as a genuine call to further dedicate myself to serving my people and contributing to the well-being of the kingdom at large,” she retorted.

The “Olori Ebi” (Head of Family) of the Anifowoshe family, Arch. Abiola Anifowoshe, and the Akinrogun of the Epe kingdom, Otunba Dengel Anifowoshe, expressed delight at the honor, commending Barrister Mariam’s contributions to the community and the state. The new Yeye Mofin was admonished to use her wisdom and legal acumen to support the kingdom and the people of the Epe Division.

The conferment ceremony showcased the rich tapestry of culture, intellect, and community, marking a momentous celebration in the Ilara Kingdom.

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Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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