Islamic Leaders Rally Parents to Counter Moral Decay and Foster Values in Youth. reports that Islamic religious leaders have issued a heartfelt call to parents, imploring them to awaken to their sacred responsibilities as defined by the Holy Quran to combat the multifaceted challenge of moral decadence and anti-social behaviors afflicting the nation.

This impassioned plea was made during the 3rd Edition of the Alhaji AbdulHameed and Alhaja Mulikat Aduke Onibon Inter-Secondary Schools Islamic Quiz and Qur’anic Competitions (AHMONIQ), held at Odo Obara High School on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

Associate Professor Nosirudeen Onibon, the former Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) and immediate past Provost of Michael Otedola College of Education (MOCPED), underscored the vital role of parents in shaping their children’s lives. While acknowledging the financial demands of parenting, he emphasized that it is equally essential for parents to imbue their children with Islamic values and instill in them the norms and principles of society.

Professor Onibon, a prominent scholar and Islamic figure, lamented the prevalence of the “quick money syndrome” among the youth and urged them to prioritize the fear of Almighty Allah in their hearts. He also decried the prevailing individualistic lifestyle, emphasizing the need for a collective sense of responsibility and care for other children in the community.

Delivering a thought-provoking lecture titled “Parental Challenges In The 21st Century (Nigerian Experience): Islamic Solution,” Dr. Ishola Toheeb, the Chief Imam of LASUED Mosque, delved into various challenges faced by parents in Nigeria. These challenges included the influence of social media, poverty, unhealthy social interactions, and the lack of a genuine fear of God. He provided pragmatic solutions to these issues and called on parents to employ the same nurturing methods they were subjected to in their upbringing, which fostered discipline, reverence for God, and moral values.

Dr. Kosoko Oyedeko, Acting Provost of MOCPED, reinforced the vital role of parents, urging them to regard their duties to their children as a fundamental responsibility that demands unwavering attention and diligence. She stressed that many of the challenges faced by the nation today were consequences of inadequate parenting and implored parents to reevaluate their methods.

Alhaji Taiwo Isiaka Akorede, Chairman of the Muslim Teachers Association of Nigeria (MUTAN), Epe Zone, urged Muslim youth to align their actions with the teachings of the Holy Quran. He emphasized the need for parents to be more responsible and responsive to their children, highlighting the crucial role of the home environment in shaping young minds.

The culminating event saw students from various schools competing in the Quranic quiz competition. In the senior category, Government Technical College, Odomola, Pobuna Senior, and Odomola Senior schools secured the top three positions. In the junior category, Pobuna, Army Children, and Epe Girls’ junior secondary schools clinched the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions, respectively.

In a thrilling showcase of young intellect, the senior category of the quiz competition saw Army Children, Pobuna, and Epe Girls’ Senior secondary schools claiming the top three positions, with an outstanding performance that left a lasting mark.

In the junior category, the brilliance of Army Children, Pobuna, and Odomola Junior secondary schools shone through as they secured the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions, reaffirming the remarkable talent and academic prowess of these young learners.

The highly competitive quiz and soul-enriching Quranic recitations captivated the audience, and the winners were honored with certificates, cash prizes, trophies, and other commendable rewards.

The event serves as a pivotal reminder of the crucial role parents play in nurturing the next generation, instilling values, and promoting moral integrity within society. It stands as an urgent call to action, challenging parents to rise to the occasion and guide their children towards a brighter, more virtuous future.


Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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