MUTAN Eid-Il-Fitri Get-Together: President, Guest Speaker Urges Dedication, Exemplary Leadership in Spreading Academic and Islamic Values.

At the maiden edition of the Eid-Il-Fitri get-together held today at the Senator Tokunbo Abiru Mini Stadium, Epe, reports that Comrade Olabiyi Moshood, the President of the Muslim Teachers Association of Nigeria (MUTAN), Epe branch, alongside Alhaji Zakarriyah Suleiman, Chief Imam, Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Epe branch, rallied members to dedicate themselves to advancing education and Islamic values through exemplary leadership in Epe, Lagos State.

In an interview, Comrade Moshood emphasized the critical role of MUTAN members in contributing to the transformation of education in Epe and Lagos State at large. He urged teachers to align their efforts with government initiatives aimed at ensuring quality education for all students.

Reflecting on the significance of the event, Comrade Moshood highlighted its role in fostering socialization among Muslim teachers and promoting compassion and bonding within the community. He noted that the occasion provided an avenue for members to come together in celebration and enlightenment, rather than engaging in personal visits at home during festivities.

Speaking further, Comrade Moshood emphasized the critical need for teachers to enhance their spiritual connection with God while also upgrading their knowledge and skills to align with current trends in the teaching and learning process. He stressed that Muslims should strive to make an impact in every sphere of life, as Islam encourages the dissemination of knowledge and the practice of charity.

“As Muslim professional teachers, we must prioritize the welfare of our students and communities,” he asserted. “By upskilling ourselves and embracing modern educational approaches, we can effectively contribute to the development of our nation and empower future generations.”

Alhaji Zakariyah Suleiman

Earlier in his address on the theme “The Role of a Muslim Teacher and His Family in Propagating Islam in His Environment,” Alhaji Zakarriyah Suleiman emphasized the profound responsibility that Muslim teachers and their families hold in advancing Islam within their communities. He stressed the importance of leading by example and embodying the principles of Islam in both personal conduct and professional practice.

Alhaji Suleiman highlighted the influential role that Muslim teachers play as ambassadors of Islam, not only within the classroom but also in their interactions with colleagues, students, and the broader community. He emphasized the need for teachers to exemplify Islamic values such as compassion, integrity, and humility, thereby serving as positive role models for others to emulate.

Alhaji Suleiman further underscored the significance of family support in strengthening the impact of Muslim teachers’ efforts to propagate Islam. He encouraged teachers to cultivate an environment of Islamic values and teachings within their households, nurturing a foundation of faith and piety that extends beyond the classroom.

“By fostering a culture of Islamic learning and practice within their families,” Alhaji Suleiman remarked, “Muslim teachers can instill a deep sense of religious devotion and moral values in their children, who are the future torchbearers of Islam.”



The call to action from Comrade Olabiyi Moshood and Alhaji Zakarriyah Suleiman underscores the critical role of Muslim teachers in advancing education and propagating Islam within their communities. By aligning with government initiatives, enhancing their skills, and fostering Islamic values within their families, these educators are poised to make a profound impact on the future generations of Epe and Lagos State at large.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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