Royal Splendor at 1st Epe Central Mosque: Eminent Monarchs Honor Olu-Epe in Spectacular Jumaat Sermon.

Amidst an air of regal magnificence, the First Epe Central Mosque,Oke-Balogun became the epicenter of grandeur as eminent monarchs from far and wide gathered to pay homage and honor to the revered Olu-Epe of Epe Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr, Shefiu Adewale, BamgbopaEshlokun I.

The occasion was nothing short of breathtaking as these distinguished royal fathers graced the sacred mosque with their presence, illuminating the sacred space with their presence. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of awe and reverence as they united to participate in a truly spectacular Jumaat sermon, delivering a powerful and inspiring message that resonated with all who were fortunate enough to witness this majestic display of unity, faith, and honor.

HRM Oba Dr. Shefiu Adewale.


Aremo of Epe Kingdom, TJ Abass and Olu-Epe.

The sight of the mosque filled with notable royal fathers was overwhelming, as it symbolized the collective commitment to unity and peaceful coexistence within the Epe Division  an beyond. Among the distinguished guests was the Alara of Ilara Kingdom, the Aladeshonyin of Odo-Noforija Kingdom, Onirokun, Onito Omu, Ojomu of Lakowe, Iwerekun Kingdom, Olowu of Owu Ijebu Aiyepe, Elejinrin, Olowu of Owu Ikosi, Olotta of Otta-Ikosi, Adegbajo of Odo-Gbawojo, and Omola of Odomola.

With fervor and passion, the esteemed cleric, the Grand Chief Imam of the Epe Kingdom, His Eminence, Sheikh AbdulRahmon Abiola Sadala. urged Muslims from all walks of life to embrace the virtues of repentance, charity, and selflessness. He emphasized that these qualities are the very essence of true Muslims, transcending creed or class in society, and are vital for the prosperity of the people.

In an exclusive interview with, the Chief Imam shared his thoughts on the significance of the festival and the need for unity. He said, “The Epe Kayokayo festival is a time when we come together as one, regardless of our backgrounds, and celebrate our shared heritage. It is a time to reflect on our actions, seek forgiveness, and extend our hands to those in need. This festival reminds us of the values that bind us together as a community.”

In honor of the esteemed Olu-Epe of Epe Kingdom and to express gratitude for the noble gesture of the visiting royal fathers, the traditional leaders and the warm-hearted people of Epe organized a grand reception at the Epe Ogunmodede Club House. The atmosphere was charged with joy as traditional delicacies delighted the taste buds, and the rhythmic beats of music took center stage.

Adding color and fanfare to the festivities, the iconic Waka Queen, Salawa Abeni, graced the occasion with her melodious voice, enchanting the audience with captivating performances. Dance and music merged in perfect harmony, creating an ambiance of celebration and mirth that filled the hearts of everyone present.

The Epe Kayokayo 2023 celebration was not just a festival; it was an enchanting showcase of the rich cultural heritage, the spirit of togetherness, and the joyous moments that bind the people of Epe Kingdom. It served as a reminder of the timeless values that make Epe a beacon of unity, love, and selflessness.


Kaka Babatunde

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