Tech Visionary Senator Abiru Ignites GenZTechies’ Hackfest 2023, Unleashes Potential for Youth Innovation.

In a remarkable display of exceptional leadership and foresight, Senator Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru, distinguished Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance, and other Financial Institutions, took center stage at the pulsating GenZTechies’ Hackfest 2023.

With the vibrant backdrop of the University of Lagos’ Multipurpose Hall on Saturday, August 26, 2023, reports that Senator Abiru delivered a keynote address that reverberated through the hearts of young software developers and tech enthusiasts, igniting a fire of potential that could reshape Nigeria’s technological landscape.

Senator Tokunbo Abiru

In his captivating speech, Senator Abiru shared the journey of his illustrious three-decade-long banking career, tracing the metamorphosis of the financial sector catalyzed by the relentless advance of technology. Starting with the inception of new-generation banks, he unveiled how technology gradually but dramatically transformed the banking realm, underscoring the need for today’s youth to harness the momentous opportunities within the tech sphere.

Not just a statesman in the hallowed chambers of the Senate, Senator Abiru is also the visionary Co-founder of the groundbreaking SAIL Innovation Lab. Nestled within the Lagos East Senatorial District, this top-grade hub has already empowered over 3,000 young constituents in less than two years, propelling them into the realms of technology and innovation. With Senator Abiru’s unwavering support, the SAIL Innovation Lab was a proud co-sponsor of the colossal Hackfest, an event that drew over 1,000 zealous Nigerian youth.

Senator Abiru’s connection to the event transcends sponsorship – it’s rooted in a profound belief in the potential of young tech enthusiasts to be architects of change. Emphatically, he pressed upon the dexterous youth on the urgency of embracing the 4th industrial revolution, a symphony of technology and innovation that beckons the boldest among them to rise.

Championing not only the present but also the future, Senator Abiru challenged budding entrepreneurs and tech maestros to chase excellence relentlessly. He marveled at the rise of Dr. Bosun Tijani, a co-founder of Africa’s tech juggernaut, Co-creation Hub (CCHub), exemplifying the heights young minds can scale.

With an unshakeable commitment to the cause, Senator Abiru pledged unwavering support for initiatives that empower Nigerian youth to soar in tech, business, and beyond. His words painted a portrait of collective effort in nation-building, where innovation is the brush and technology the canvas.

Eniola Osabiya, the ingenious architect behind GenZTechies, showered gratitude upon Senator Abiru and all sponsors who have steered the Hackfest since 2022. Osabiya lauded the Senator’s passion for sustainable empowerment and the cultivation of human capital – a passion that sets the bar for the nation’s future luminaries.

As the echoes of Senator Abiru’s words reverberated, Mr. Deji Abisola, Consultant on SAIL Innovation Lab, expressed boundless optimism for the Lab’s alliance with GenZTechies and other youth-driven tech initiatives. With Senator Abiru’s guidance, the limitless blue sky is not just a boundary, but a starting point for the dauntless souls who believe in the magic of tech and innovation.

In a world hungry for visionaries, Senator Abiru stands as a guiding star, igniting the sparks of innovation and lighting the path for Nigeria’s dynamic young techpreneurs.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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