Nigerian Legislative Aide Stresses Importance of Seasoned Lawmakers in Governance.

In a thought-provoking statement, reports that Mr. Hassan Bashir, a former banker, music enthusiast, and legislative aide to Rep. Wale Raji of Epe Federal Constituency, has emphasized the critical role of legislative leadership in shaping the future of Nigeria.

Speaking with this news medium on the critical roles of lawmakers in governance, Bashir underlines the fundamental function of legislatures, which is to create, amend, and repeal laws that reflect the needs and values of the society they represent. He maintains that this core function should center around crafting policies that address pressing issues, promote justice, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Mr. Hassan Bashir

According to Bashir, the experience of legislators is a vital factor in ensuring effective governance. Over time, legislators accumulate insights, knowledge, and skills that are indispensable for comprehending the legislative process, establishing relationships, and representing their constituents with proficiency.

The Red Chambers

He goes on to stress that experience is a pivotal consideration when choosing legislative representatives at all levels, whether they are Senators, Members of the Federal House of Representatives, State Assembly Members, or Local Government Councillors. This experience equips them with a deeper understanding of governance, policymaking, and the intricacies of addressing societal issues. Consequently, experienced legislators can navigate the legislative process more efficiently and make well-informed decisions that benefit their constituents.

The Green Chambers

Furthermore, Bashir highlights that individuals with legislative experience can seamlessly transition to the executive branch of government. Their adept understanding of the legislative process and policy-making uniquely positions them for roles such as the presidency, governors, local government chairmen, or other executive positions. This transition, he asserts, contributes significantly to effective governance.

The Lagos House of Assembly

The message conveyed by Mr. Hassan Bashir is clear: the evaluation of legislative leadership in Nigeria, at all levels, should consider the weight of experience and antecedents. The effective handling of executive positions, he suggests, is contingent on the caliber of legislators, whether elected, selected, or appointed, and their capacity to drive positive change in the nation’s governance.

Kaka Babatunde

Kaka Babatunde

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